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Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW

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Menşe yeri: Guangdong, Çin
Marka adı: ACCUVON
Sertifika: API , IOS , CE, 3A , FDA
Model numarası: AP 80
Min sipariş miktarı: 1 takım
Fiyat: Negotiable
Ambalaj bilgileri: Ahşap kutu ambalajını ihraç et
Teslim süresi: 8 - 12 iş günü
Ödeme koşulları: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Yetenek temini: Ayda 1000 Adet
Detay Bilgi
Rotor Tipi: SBR / NBR Kauçuk Rotor Orta: aşındırıcı sıvı
güç: 10-600 kw Akış: 400 m³/h
Fok: çift ​​etkili mekanik salmastra akış hızı: 1,125 l/dev
Eksenel ve radyal kasa koruması: XAR500 Sert Metal Sürmek: Elektrik motoru

Anti Aging Rubber Lobe Pump


NBR Rubber Lobe Pump


Abrasion Resistant Lobe Pump Types

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Resistant To Abrasion And Aging SBR / NBR Rubber Rotor Lobe Pump



Product Overview


Accuvon Rubber Rotary Lobe pump are super self-priming. This positive displacement is similar to a gear pump, but the lobes don't touch each other and turn independently. Lobe pumps are utilized for transfer liquid of various viscosity and air/water mixture.

The feature a robust design (in between bearing support), that enable operation operation at high pressure and low vibration.

Intermediate isolation chamber, ensure the gearbox are isolated from medium, even if there a leak.

Built-in gear reducer is optional, for space saving.

Material: Cast iron/Cast steel/Stainless steel and various polymer.





Description Rubber Lobe Pumps
Rotor Rubber rotor
Seal Double mechanical seal
Axial and radial casing protection High-strength steel , resistant to wear
Drive Electric motor
Material of pump Full of stainless steel
Pressure Up to 1.2 Mpa
Flow 0.6-400 m³/h
Power 3-22 / KW
Work efficiency Up to 85%
Rate of flow 1.125 l/rev
Self - priming Up to 9.5m vertical / 30m horizontal
Medium High-corrosive / high-viscous
Custom printing Acceptable


Parameter of AP 80


Drive Weight Dimensions
KW KG L / mm H / mm
3 190 1158 394
4 202 1178 419
5.5 223 1258 454
7.5 236 1298 454
11 291 1380 509
15 354 1425 509



Design 1 | Short , straight pipe connectors with connection flange and gasket , in mm / inches approx.


AP 80 DN 50 mm DN 65 mm DN 80 mm DN 100 mm DN 125 mm





  • Environmental protection:

Sewage, municipal or industrial sewage treatment plant sludge, concentrated sludge, dewatering machine feeding, water and oil mixture.

  • Chemical Industry

Acid, corrosive substances, various mixtures, solutions, oils, lotions, paints.

  • Oil Industry

Oil, oil sludge, heavy oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, benzene, oil and water mixture.

  • Mining

Mine mud, cement slurry, mud pits, drilling waste, lime slurry, gypsum mud, mine water, flotation fluid.

  • Paper making

Wood powder slurry, Paper sludge, Lime milk,muddy waste

  • Ceramics

Mud, lime slurry, iron oxide mud, glaze.

  • Meat processing

Whale oil, animal offal, blood products, roes, fish mud, minced met, fat.

  • Fruit and vegetable processing

Pulp, fruit mud, broken fruits and vegetables, waste.

  • Shipping Industry

Ship sewage, leachate, waste oil, waste water, sludge, fuel oil.

  • Starch Industry

Washing liquid, slurry, starch pulp, scrap, and juice.

  • Sugar Industry

Washing liquid, syrup, calcium carbonate emulsion, high pressure water, sewage.





1. Rotor pump is suitable for transporting high viscosity, density and any medium containing particle.

2. The rotational speed is low, generally keep already existing quality not changing , any physics and chemical property won't be changed.

3. Stainless Steel Lobe Pump can be also called colloidal pump. All liquid flowing parts are made of stainless steel. It can transmit high viscosity, thickness and with particle medium.

4. High pressure of out let makes sure the long distance and high resistance transportation with stable capacity used widely in food ,chemical, industrial areas .

5. Suitable temperature: -30 °C to 200 °C.




Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 0


Quality inspection photos



Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 1Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 2Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 3Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 4

Anti Aging SBR NBR Rubber Lobe Pump Abrasion Resistant 10-600KW 5




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